It is important to note that the dragonflies are not sacrificed during the making of KALEIDOFLIES.

Captured dragonflies are kept in the refrigerator (4°C) until they are imaged.  Two common procedures for imaging the dragonflies have been used.  The more common technique requires a flat-bed scanner.  Once chilled, the dragonflie is placed on the scanner.  Legs can either be place up or down depending on the most color variation.   Often, tissue paper is placed over them (if they are "legs up," it gives them something to grab.  The dragonflies are placed inside foam-core squares with the middle cut out.  Sometimes two layers need to be used if the dragonfly is large (such as the Dragonhunter).  Dragonflies are scanned at high resolution and the images are captured and manipulated in Photoshop™.  

The colors are real!!  

Contrast and intensity may be adjusted, but these are the natural colors of these remarkable animals.


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